Research Overview

The Faraon Lab develops nano-photonic technologies for devices that operate close to the fundamental limit of light-matter interaction. Quntum photonics applications include on-chip optical quantum memories, single optically-addressable quantum bits, quantum conversion of photons in different bands of the electromagnetic spectrum. Classical nano-photonics applications include micron-thick optical devices for free-space optics, ultra-fast optical beam steering, ultra-compact microscopy, and three dimensional meta-materials for completely new functionalities.

Research Topics:

Quantum Nano-Photonic Technologies

Quantum light matter interfaces: optically addressable quantum bits, quantum memories, quantum transduction. Systems: rare-earths in crystals. Defects in silicon carbide. 2D materials. Clink link above for more info.

Classical Nano-Photonic Technologies

Flat optical devices based on dielectric metasurfaces and three dimensional metamaterials. Clink link above for more info.


NSF, DARPA, AFOSR, ONR, ARO/LPS, NIH, DOE, Samsung, Northrop-Grumman, JPL


Our labs are located in Steele 212 & 214.