Classical nano-photonic technologies

Updated October 2018

Our group has a broad interest in nano-photonic technologies. Currently we are interested in the topic of controlling optical wavefronts propagating through free-space using materials where the refractive index is structured with sub-wavelength spatial resolution. When these materials are very thin (thinner than the free space wavelength), they are currently referred to as dielectric metasurfaces.

Dielectric metasurfaces are planar devices that promise to replace optical components like lenses, mirrors, polarizers, waveplates. We are working with deielctric metasurfaces in the form of high contranst transmitarrays and high contrst gratings. We are using these structures for applications like wide field imaging, microscopy, conformal optics, computational imaging, etc. The image below shows a scanning electron microscope image of a polarization and phase plate with sub-wavelength spatial resolution.

Selected publications

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