02/03/2015 Andrei receives the NSF CAREER award.

01/20/2015 Andrei receives the AFOSR Young Investigator Award.

12/17/2014 Andrei gives the Watson Lecture about our research on Controlling light on a chip at the single photon level. The lecture is available on ITunesU

11/11/2014 Our paper Fundamental Limits of Ultrathin Metasurfaces is posted on Arxiv

11/07/2014 Our paper Complete Control of Polarization and Phase of Light with High Efficiency and Sub-wavelength Spatial Resolution is posted on Arxiv

10/30/2014 Our paper Subwavelength-thick Lenses with High Numerical Apertures and Large Efficiency Based on High Contrast Transmitarrays is posted on Arxiv

10/24/2014 Amir, Andrei, Evan, Eran, Mahmood, Tian and Yu will give nine talks at Photonics West about the work in our group.

10/23/2014 Andrei participates as a panelist at the Samsung Future Tech Forum.

10/22/2014 Andrei gave an invited talk at Frontiers in Optics (Tucson, AZ, 2014) on our work on quantum photonic devices based on rare-earth doped crystals. Thank you Josh Hendrickson for the invitation!

09/30/2014 Faraon Group welcomes new students: Ehsan Arbabi (EE G1), Ioana Craiciu (APh G1), Mahsa Kamali (EE G1), Matt Orr (APh G1), Chuting Wang (APh G1)

07/04/2014 Andrei gave an invited talk at CIPRIS summer school of ”Rare earth information processing”, Lund, 2014. Thank you Steffan Kroll for the invitation

6/24/2014: LMI-EFRC is awarded $15M renewal from DOE to expand scientific frontiers of solar energy conversion! The Faraon group is excited to be part of this center.

5/15/2014 Faraon group will be involved in a MURI collaboration in quantum engineering

03/29/2013 Amir, Evan, Tian and Yu will give five talks at CLEO 2014

03/29/2013 Andrei will give a talk at ICL 2014

12/23/2013 Evan writes a Quantum Frontiers Blog Post about his recent oureach to Navajo Preparatory School in Farmington New Mexico

12/02/2013 Amir gives the KNI/MDL seminar

11/07/2013 Congratulations to Evan for passing his candidacy Exam!

10/02/2013 Mengshuen Chua joins the group

10/02/2013 Jonathan Kindem (G1 APh) joins the group

08/01/2013 Dr.Amir Arbabi and Dr.Tian Zhong join the group

08/01/2013 Dr.Amir Arbabi and Dr.Tian Zhong join the group

07/14/2013 Yu Shi joins the group as a high school intern during the summer

06/18/2013 Alex Hartz and Alex Ball join the group as SURF students

04/04/2013 Yu Horie joins the group

03/29/2013 Aaron Pearlman wins the NSF fellowship. Congratulations!

Check out the review article co-authored by Andrei in the MRS Bulletin Quantum photonic networks in diamond

Our article published in New Journal of Physics is featured on many websites including Caltech News, physicsworld,

11/13/2012 Andrei is featured on the Caltech website

10/08/2012 Aaron Pearlman joins the group

9/25/2012 Evan Miyazono joins the group


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